12 Days Camel Trekking At Western Desert

Day By Bay

1st Day
Drive from Cairo to Bahariya oasis by minibus. Lunch in a local restaurant at El Bahariya oasis. Transfer to your Hotel and start local tour in Bahariya then diner and over night.
(Approx. 365km)

2nd Day
We acquaint ourselves with the camels on the farm Abu Nuss and start riding to Draa Mariam, a flat sand desert. Camping.
(Approx. 30 km)

3rd Day
We ride to Bir Dakar, the only spring on the way to the Dakhla oasis, where the camels can drink. First sand dunes.
(Approx. 25 km)

4th Day
Ride to Ghard Abu Muharrak. We have a first glance at the Great Sand Sea, a chain of dunes covering the area from Siwa almost to Dakhla.
(Approx. 25 km)

5th Day
After a ride along the dunes of the Great Sand Sea, we reach it's boundary at Sabaa Russ.
(Approx. 30 km)

6th Day
Ride to Sukkak, an alley of dunes.
(Approx. 35 km)

7th Day
We ride through an area of razor sharp stones and reach Harrafish.
(Approx. 30 km)

8th Day
After reaching El Ghard El Malfuf, we climb up a Table Mountain.
(Approx. 25 km)

9th Day
We ride to El Selim, walk down the Table Mountain on steps and see in the distance the green of El Qasr oasis.
(Approx. 25 km)

10th Day
Ride from El Selim to El Qasr, a part of Dakhla oasis.
(Approx. 20 km)

11th Day
One day of sightseeing in the old town of El Qasr, where there are remains from the Pharaonic and Roman eras.  

12th Day
We say good-bye to the camels and drive back to Cairo by minibus. Lunch in Bahariya. Arrival at Cairo before sunset.

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