7 Days Camel Trekking
Western Desert

Day By Bay

1st Day :
Drive from Cairo to Bahariya Oasis by A/C minibus. Lunch in Bahariya Oasis.  Transfer to Hotel where we have dinner. Before sleeping, bathe in the hot spring just outside the oasis. (approx. 365 km)

2nd Day :
Drive from Bahariya  to Bir Sahara, where we meet the camels and get acquainted with handling and riding them. We start with the camels to the White Desert. On the way, we have lunch at the famous Mushrooms. Then we go deeper into the desert to the White House, where we camp for the night. (approx. 20 km)

3rd Day :
From the White House we ride to El Akabat. After lunch in Wadi El Nagfi we go to the El Chur cave, where we stay overnight . ( approx. 35 km)

4th Day :
Ride to Gabal El Taridir. Lunch on the way. After an unforgettable sunset, we enjoy the stew prepared on the open fire and sleep under the stars. (approx. 25 km).

5th Day :
On our way to Gur Hadid, we have lunch in Chabur. Camp overnight. (approx. 25 km)

6th Day :
Return to Bir Sahara, the starting point of our trip. We say good-bye to the camels, get into the cars and drive back to Bahariya. Walk in the palm tree gardens around the oasis. In the evening, bathe in the hot spring.
Overnight in our hotel.

7th Day :
After breakfast return to Cairo via Bahariya, where we have lunch. Arrival at Cairo before sunset.

Camel Treking
Black Desert
Cooking At Desert
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