4 Days Camel Trekking
Western Desert

Day By Bay

1st Day
Drive from Cairo to El Bahariya oasis by minibus. Lunch in a local restaurant. We meet the camels on the main road beside Black Desert (40 km from the Bahariya  oasis).After getting acquainted with handling and riding the camels we ride to El Akabat, where we will spend the night camping.
360 km)

2nd Day
In the morning we ride to the White House. We will pass the famous Mushrooms (sculptures of limestone) in the White Desert. After an unforgettable sunset we enjoy the stew cooked by open fire and sleep under the stars. (Approx. 30 km)

3rd Day
After breakfast we start riding to Wadi El Obaiyed. We spend the day enjoying the impressive landscape of the White Desert.
(Approx. 25 km)

4th Day
After breakfast we ride to the main road, where we say good-bye to the camels and go into the minibus. Lunch in Bahariya on our way to Cairo. Arrival at Cairo before sunset.

Camel Treking
White Desert
Black Desert
Bahariya Oasis
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