Desert Safari Tours

Western Desert Safari
Sinai Safari
The Glamour Of Western Desert: A great blend of ancient Egypt, and the desert camping. We visit the Temple of Alexander The Great, and see the Golden Mummies at Bahariya Museum, and we enjoy the sleeping in the desert under the stars.
All Of Sinai: On this 8 days tour program we enjoy the Soul adventurous, we tour the peninsula of Sinai visiting Pharaoh's Spring, Moses Springs, Wadi Firan, as well as Saint Catherine Monastery, and we climb the Mount Of Sinai.
Sleeping Under The Stars: Enjoy the famed white desert with its formation and wind carved sculptors that resemble both human and animal faces, and pass through the Crystal Mountain and Black Desert, combined with sleeping under the stars.
Glamour Of Sinai: A chance for lovers of adventure. A mixture of desert, Red Sea, Mounatins Of Sinai, Canyons, and relaxing on the sunny beach of Sharm El Sheikh.
The Magic Of White Desert: In this 3 magical days, you will visit the ancient Oasis of Bahariya, and enter the Black & White Desert, enjoying sleeping on the huge silence of the desert under the stars.
Seduction Of The Oasis: Experience the best of the western desert on this great trip. Explore the White Desert, Crystal Mountain, and the Black Desert. Overnight under the stars, enjoy the magical silence of desert. Finally visit of the great Pyramids and Sphinx.
Silence Of The Desert: For lovers of adventure this trip visits the most wonderful sites of Egypt, we visit the Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids and explore the Western Desert, and sleep under the stars in un forgettable 5 days.
The Long Darb Siwa: A great blend of ancient Egypt, sun, palm groves, Sand Sea, and comping under the stars over the endless sand carpet.
Obscurity Of Siwa: The berfect mini-break, visit the highlights of the isolated Oasis of Siwa on this 5 days 4 nights tour program.
Ancient Teples Of Western Desert: Experience the best of Egypt on this great 11 days. We visit the highlights of Siwa the most isolated oasis, on the border of the great sand-sea, sleep under the stars on the endless sand, we flow down to Luxor passing through many oasis.
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