Camel Safari Tours
Western Desert Camel Safari
Sinai Camel Safari
Camel , Desert, & Stars: This is a magnificent three days camel riding through the White Desert. We sleep under the fully star sky, and enjoy the stew cooked by open fire.
Western Desert in 4 Days: Enjoy this four days camping in the endless sand carpet, listening to the silence of desert, and riding camel through the wind carved sculptors that resemble both human and animal faces.
7days camel Adventure: Enjoy this 7 days camel riding at the White Desert, passing through many of magnificent places, the Akabat area, Gebel Taridir, watching the amazing view of sunrise and sunset, sleeping around the camp-fire.
12 days camel trekking: On this 12 days camel tour program, we acquaint ourselves with the camels, and trek through the magnificent White Desert, where we spend nights around the camp-fire enjoying the silence of desert.
Western Desert & Camels:
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