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About Sharm El Sheikh & Red Sea

Within the last 10 years a booming development in the tourist sector has completely changed the identity of Sharm El Sheikh. 
What once has been a favored place for fishermen to sort out their tremendous catches on a romantic isolated bay has developed into a luxury modern holiday resort most treasured by divers and sun-overs.
Though Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohammed and Tiran Island appear on Spanish maps already in 1762, the first time Sharm El Sheikh made its way into the world's media was in 1967, when Egypt's President Gamal Abdel Nasser blocked the Strait of Tiran, cutting off Israel's access to the Red Sea.
The blockade of this strategic point led to the 6 Day War and the occupation of the Sinai by Israel.
One year later in 1968 the Israelis built the  settlement Ophira on the cliff  of Ras Um Sidd. This today is the "old city" of Sharm El Sheikh.

Naama Bay known for its many deluxe holiday resorts and the actually center of activity, means "pleasant" in Hebrew, and a slightly different pronunciation leads to the Arabic word for ostrich. The ostrich has been common in the region before the land became more and more arid.

The region of Sharm EL Sheikh is actually a series of bays with innumerable and extraordinary coral reefs. It is located on the east shore at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. 
Sharm El Sheikh has become the leading tourist spot of the entire Sinai and an ultra modern Mecca for divers. 

Sharm El Sheikh can be divided into three main regions. 
In the Bay of Sharm El Maya the port is located. The harbor is under military surveillance. Egyptian forces and the Multinational Observer Forces (MFO) - mainly Italians - control this important strategic point. 
Many private yachts and pleasure boats anchor here - the number constantly increasing - ready to take scuba divers out to the amazing reefs and to the National Park of Ras Mohammed, one of the world's most famous dive sites. Ras Mohammed National Park was created in 1983 to protect coral reefs and the fragile environment. 

Ras Um Sidd is famous for its coral reefs and the very high cliff, where many exclusive hotels have been built and still many are under construction. 
On top of the cliff, in El Hadaba, villas, apartments and recently constructed condominiums are providing the Sharmers with accommodation and offices. The area is developing with new hotel establishments. The municipality, the post office and telecommunication center are located here.
Downhill in Sharm El Moya in the suq one can stroll  the many bazaars, supermarkets and restaurants.
The main tourist attraction, the center of tourism is Naama Bay. Naama means "pleasant" in Hebrew and this best describes Naama Bay. A slightly different pronunciation leads to the Arabic word for ostrich. The ostrich as many other animals and plants of the Savanna have been common here until the land became more and more arid. 
Most hotels and dive centers are located in Naama and makes it a paradise for sun lovers and water-sport enthusiasts. Shopping Malls, tourist offices and other services are contributing to comfort the tourist - and the Sharmers. 
Many new resorts in a fascinating surrounding have developed along the coastline to the north on the way to the international airport, which provides  Sinai with daily charter flights, from Ras Nasrani to Nabq, the beautiful Nature Protectorate known for  its mangroves.
A phenomena and a natural attraction is an odd limestone boulder two kilometers north of the edge of downtown that is shaped through erosion into the portrait of J. F. Kennedy. 

There is plenty to do in Sharm El Sheikh. Though the main activities are water sport activities and diving, the terrific interior of the Sinai desert invites for adventurous and fascinating trips as hiring quad runners and motorbikes, and partaking in a guided excursion into the desert. Another exciting adventure is a ride out into the desert on camel or horseback or exploring the Sinai by jeep.

Fun Town is an amusement park your children love or choose the Bowling Center which has got also an ice skating area.

Every resort has got its own bar with different happy hour offers. An evening stroll along the promenade gives you an insight of what the beach bars of the hotels have to offer for the evening. Some hotels entertain their guests with belly dancing performances or the among the Sharmers popular Russian Shows. After the shows you can dance the night through in one of Sharm's discos.

Some hotels offer special evening events which is usually a dinner and disco or show in the desert under the million stars.

If you are not in a dancing mood you find play pool tables at some places or you hang out in the coffee shops until late night smoking the water pipe and play backgammon or chess. An outdoor cinema shows recent Hollywood films or you can spend the evening in one of the Casinos and win or loose a fortune.


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