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About Hurghada, Red Sea

Aficionados of Scuba diving, snorkeling deep sea fishing and underwater photography frequently head for Hurghada on the Red Sea. A town ringed by mountains, desert, a clean sandy shore and a clear area, which Sheraton helped to develop more than a decade ago by opening its 65 room Hurghada Hotel. Being a resort area where visitors are seeking recreation rather than a luxurious life, to help in creating such an atmosphere there are a number of other organizations developing a modern infrastructure of tourism.


"The Red Sea is a corridor of marvels. the happiest hours of my diving experience have spent There .." Jacques Cousteau The " rubum" of Romans, the Red Sea has been called the red by Europeans since antiquity, a name that has also been taken over by the Arabs, El Bahr El Ahmar, due to the color of various mountain ranges bordering the sea. Runs from North to South east for about 1600 miles in length and 120 to 240 miles in width, the Red Sea is nature's beautiful gift. One of the last frontiers to be discovered by avid adventures and enthusiasts, this topical sea, having slightly climatic condition all year round, not to mention water, the spectacular and diversified marine life, makes it famous for coral refs their inhabitants. As soon as the visitor begins to feel the invigorating climate of the region whether by summer or winter, he is be witched by the beauty of its nature and imagines that he is making a legendary trip in the midst of paradise on earth.

Hurghada - amazing marine life

You will discover a fantastic range of corals in the waters around Hurghada. The many off-shore islands within day-boat range are inhabited by an amazing array of marine life. Almost perfect conditions exist for reef and schooling fish, with sharks, dolphins and sea turtles being fairly common sights. Well-preserved shipwrecks of all ages, from modern cargo ships to 19th century mail steamers, are waiting to be explored.

Red Sea Live aboard's give you the opportunity to live right over the dive sites, and to experience secluded dives that are not normally available to day-boat divers. Egyptian rose have been operating live aboard from Hurghada and Sharm for several years and have selected a range of boats that offer excellent value for money.

We don't claim our safari boats are 'the QE2' (they range between 18-27 meters long), but we are confident that the service and expertise of your guide and crew will provide you with a great week's diving.

The boats offer spacious dive decks, TV and video and beer is available - but there is a down side, you have to be willing to share loos and showers with others, and cabin space can be cramped. With a degree of tolerance, and an open mind, you will have a fantastic holiday with some tremendous diving.

Where do the boats go?. Trips departing from Hurghada tend to head north to Abu Nubians, Gubal, the Thistlegorm or south to Safaga. The best dives from Sharm include the Straits of Tiran, Thistlegorm, and Ras Mohammed. Most trips visit Abu Nuhas - weather permitting.

The advantage of liveaboards is that you usually get to the sites before the day boats.

We can now exclusively offer a mini-safari to the Southern Red Sea.

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