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About Aswan

Egypt's smallest governorates, is the country's premiere winter resort (10 to 24 c) offering a delightful, natural beauty, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a warm and dry climate.

A wide variety of ancient monuments and the peaceful beauty of the countryside draw visitors here thorough the winter months.

Lying 890 km. South of Cairo, it has long been known as the "Gate of Africa". The contact point between Arabian North Africa and sub-Saharan cultures. Much of its charm comes from the Nile River, which runs through it, as well as a number of small lush islands. It is considered one of the oldest inhabited places in Aswan, a canter of worship during the Pharaonic era. South of Aswan stands one of the world's outstanding engineering feats in this century. Its construction in the early 1960s created an enormous reservoir, Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake in the world. Aswan is also the earliest base for exploring a number of monuments, such as the Philae and Abu Simbel Temples.


Aswan Tours

The High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk - Duration :2 Hours .
The old High Dam was built by Sirw. Wilcox on behalf of the British authorities in 1898. it's constructed from granite quarried in the Aswan area. The official opening took place in 1902. In the 1960s, another dam was built by the Egyptian government .
A visit is also made to the unfinished obelisk, which gives a great deal of information about how the original builders seta bout their tasks. The existence of granite in the Aswan area was of particular interest to the ancient Pharaohs since it Provided them with a ready source of material for their obelisks and temples .

The island Tour - Duration : 3 Hours
For a delightful execution, visitors go by sailboat to the small granite island of the Nile, include the Elephantine and Kitchener [ or Botanic ] Islands. Also include in the tour is a visit to the Agha Khan Mausoleum. situated on the top of a hill that commands a magnificent view of the Aswan area. It was here that Mohammed Shah Agha Khan, the 48th Imam [ born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1877 ], built a winter home and chose to be buried. He died in 1959 and his wishes were carried out .

Excursion to Aswan from Luxor - Duration : 6 Hours
In a Drive from Luxor to Aswan, travelers visit Esna, the largest town between Luxor and Aswan. Its primary attraction is the temple of khnum, which lies in a depression 30 feet below street level. Then then onto Edfu, where remains from the old Kingdom can be viewed, as well as Temple of Chorus and houses of the Byzantine period. Continue on to beautiful Kom Ombo, with its famous temple completed during the reign of Ptolemy philometer [ 181 -146 B.C.]

Sites To Visit
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The Egyptian Museum
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