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About Alexandria

Alexandria known as "Pearl of the Mediterranean" was founded by Alexander the Great in 332BC. As the capital for the Egyptian kingdom.
For the next seven centuries, Alexandria stood at the forefront of Greece-Roman civilization, home of the largest library and the greatest center of learning in the ancient world. In addition to founding Alexandria's famed library, Ptolemy ordered the construction of the Pharaoh Lighthouse, counted among the seven wonders of the world. The Catacomb of Kum El Shukafa, Pompey's Pillar the Serapeum, the Greco-Roman Museum are the principal sites of interest, whilst a drive on the Cornish, stretching for 20 miles along the sea, and a visit to Montaza palace and gardens where there are luxury hotels and a casino are of note. Its beaches are beautiful and most enjoyable.

Alexandria Tours

Greco-Roman Museum, Pompey's Pillar, and the Catacombs ( Duration : 3 Hours)
Greco-Roman Museum : Is a depository for a wide variety of pharaonic, Ptolemaic,Roman,and Christian antiquities. It opened in 1895 and was enlarged in 1896, 1899, and 1904.
Pompey's Pillar : Is a column of red Aswan granite, Standing some 90 feet high with a circumference of 27 feet. It was erected in honor of the Emperor Diocletion, as a Greek inscription on the west side of the base indicates.
Catacombs : An extensive, three-level funerary, probably dating from the 2nd century A.D.

Full-Day Excursion to Alamein ( Duration: 8 hours)
Approximately 65 miles from Alexandria is the famous battlefield, Alamein,the site of the famous battle between Rommel and Montgomery. Visits to British, German or Italian cemeteries can also be included in the tour.

Montazah Gardens and Roman Theater (Duration:3Hours )
Montazah Garden: At the eastern end of Alexandria, stretching along the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the royal summer palaces of the former king Farouk .
The Roman Theater: Discovered in 1964, the ancient Roman Theater was probably a roofed theater used for musical Performances and,based on the inscriptions carved on the seats, Wrestling contests. The theater had seating for 700 to 800 people.

Full-day Excursion to Alexandria from Cairo ( Duration :12 Hours)
Being three-hour drive from Cairo, special excursion can be arranged to visit. A special seafood lunch can be provided on the Bay of Abukir, scene of the naval battle between Nelson and Napoleon.

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